CLI commands

CLI templates for projects based on Cosmos SDK.

BINARY=PROJECT_BINARY_NAME # Set the binary file name of the project (example: akash - for Akash Network, gitopiad - for Gitopia).
DENOM=PROJECT_UTOKEN # Set the denom token (example: uakt - for Akash Network, ulore - for Gitopia).
CHAIN=PROJECT_CHAIN_ID # Set the chain-id project (example: akashnet-2 - for Akash Network, gitpoia - for Gitopia).
MONIKER=YOUR_MONIKER # Set your node name.

Account (wallet) commands

Create wallet:


Restore wallet:

$BINARY keys add WALLET_NAME --recover

Check balance:

$BINARY q bank balances ADDRESS

Send 1 token to another address:

$BINARY tx bank send \
1000000$DENOM \
---fees 1000$DENOM \
--chain-id $CHAIN

Validator commands

Create a validator:

$BINARY tx staking create-validator \
--amount 1000000$DENOM \
--pubkey=$($BINARY tendermint show-validator) \
--moniker $MONIKER \
--chain-id $CHAIN" \
--details YOUR_PUBLIC_SIGN \
--security-contact YOUR@EMAIL.COM \
--website \
--commission-rate 0.10 \
--commission-max-rate 0.20 \
--commission-max-change-rate 0.01 \
--min-self-delegation="1000000" \
--gas="auto \
--fees 1000$DENOM 

Check validator pubkey:

$BINARY tendermint show-validator

Check validator:

$BINARY query staking validator VALOPER_ADDRESS
$BINARY query staking validators --limit 1000000 -o json | jq '.validators[] | select(.description.moniker=="$MONIKER")' | jq

Collect commissions + rewards:

$BINARY tx distribution withdraw-rewards VALOPER_ADDRESS --from OWNER_ADDRESS --fees 1000$DENOM --commission --chain-id $CHAIN -y

Delegate 1,000,000 'u' token to yourself:

$BINARY tx staking delegate VALOPER_ADDRESS 1000000$DENOM --from OWNER_ADDRESS --fees 1000$DENOM --chain-id $CHAIN -y

Voting commands

Proposals list:

$BINARY q gov proposals

View the result of the vote:

$BINARY q gov proposals --voter ADDRESS

Vote 'yes' for the proposal №1:

$BINARY tx gov vote 1 yes --from ADDRESS --fees 1000$DENOM

Make a deposit to the offer:

$BINARY tx gov deposit 1 1000000$DENOM --from ADDRESS --fees 1000$DENOM

Create an offer:

$BINARY tx gov submit-proposal --title="Randomly reward" \
--description="Reward 10 testnet participants who completed more than 3 tasks" \
--type="Text" \
--deposit="11000000$DENOM" \
--from ADDRESS \
--fees 1000$DENOM 

Network settings commands

Network settings:

$BINARY q staking params
$BINARY q slashing params

Get out of jail:

$BINARY tx slashing unjail --from OWNER_ADDRESS --fees 1000$DENOM -y
$BINARY q slashing signing-info $($BINARY tendermint show-validator)

Check Status:

$BINARY status

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